Super Bright Spotlight 6000 Lumen LED Flashlight Handheld Rechargeable Spot light 9600mAh Long Lasting Large Torchlight Searchlight and Floodlight Fishing Hiking Camping Flashlight USB Output (Silver)

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Color: Silver


  • Super Bright Heavy Duty Hand Held flashlight - the super ultra brightest 6000 lumen (maximum) CREE 2 LED bulb produces a bright focused beam with a lighting distance range of more than 2600 ft / 800 m. Battery life is hyper than 20 hours. There are 3 adaptive settings: high / low / flash (long press switch for 3 seconds). As long as this battery powered LED rechargeable flashlight is enough for us to illuminate all night darkness.
  • 6 Light Modes: IPX4 Waterproof Super Bright Security light Main lamp Have High - Low - Flash 3 Brightness modes make it a long-life spotlight flashlight high lumens. Multifunctional sidelight has High - Low modes and red & blue light warning function allows you to use for work camping hiking fishing warning light (like police flashing light) in fog and haze weather. It can be used as a lantern, adjust boating spotlight rechargable for use in different situations.
  • External Floodlight Side Lamp - LED lamp beads are evenly distributed on the side of the high lumen flashlight body. If you need close observation during maintenance, work, reading and hunting, our soft floodlight flashlight is the most perfect, and most of the strong light will hurt your eyes. You can use it as a camping light. There are 3 adaptive settings: highest / low / red and blue (long press switch for 3 seconds).
  • Large Capacity Long-life Powerfule Batteries: when you need them, stop looking for batteries that never exist. Our large flashlight is equipped with three long-lasting and durable built-in rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries (10000 MAH), which can be recharged more than 1000 times. Our emergency spotlight can also be used as an emergency power supply library for smart phones or mobile devices, bringing you many convenience for outdoor travel. It can chargeable use plug in wall.
  • Super Durable & Lightweight Brightest: Includes an adjustable and foldable tripod for hands-free use. Reject inferior materials. Our high-power search flashlight is made of solid, impact-resistant military-grade ABS material and aluminum alloy, which can prevent the system from falling and bumping during use. It is an ideal lighting tool worklight for hiking, camping, sailing or hunting boat searchlight.

Details: GLANDU Heavy Duty Super Bright Searchlight 6000lumens super bright L2 lamp bead handle lamp + independent bright edge floodlight. 10000 MAH rechargeable large battery. USB interface design, can charge mobile phone, camera, digital products, etc. High quality LED survival lamp can be used for more than 100000 hours, once purchased, long-term use. Suitable for family maintenance and outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, hiking, fishing at night, navigation, exploration and hunting, or as emergency lights. With unique side lamp design, it can be used as work lamp, camping tent, construction lamp, maintenance lamp, etc. Detailed parameters: Material: aluminum alloy + Plastic ABS Light source: Cree L2 led, 800 meters (2600 feet) high brightness and ultra long lighting 5 dimming mode: headlights: high / low / flashing mode; side floodlights: high / low mode Power supply: built in 18650 lithium battery * 4 pieces of 10000 Mah Adapter input: AC100-240V; output: dc4.2-5.0v High brightness lighting time: about 10 hours Low brightness lighting time: up to 30 hours

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.4 x 4.4 inches